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Artistic Photo Restoration From Elegant Images

At Elegant Images we specialize in the advanced techniques to permanently preserve your pictures and restore any damages from time and the elements.

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Photo Retouching: Photo retouching is the cosmetic enhancement, beautifying and improving the attractiveness of people in a photograph. Skin smoothing, eliminating blemishes, whiten or straighten teeth, red-eye correction, removing an unruly hair, or even a face lift are just a few of the glamorization enhancements that we can apply. All of these services ensure that your picture is not only restored to its original state, but enhanced and taken to the next level of beauty.

Restoration - Basic: At a basic level, we will restore your old or damaged photographs to original condition. Using professional, leading-edge photo editing techniques basic photo restoration includes the overall adjustment of image contrast and brightness to correct for darkening or fading, minor color shifts due to ageing or environmental factors such as smoke, humidity, and light, as well as the removal of minor stains, spots or scratches.

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Restoration - Moderate: Moderate photo restoration includes repair of moderate creases and partial tearing, removal of moderate stains, water damage, and scratches. It includes digitally retouching the brightness, contrast, and color levels of the photo as well as the hue. The repair of moderately creased or partially torn photos (as long as the photo is in one piece) is included within this category.

Restoration - Advanced: Advanced photo restoration is needed when the photo’s condition requires extensive repair or recreation of detail. It includes the services involved in minor and moderate restoration, as well as major repairs, additions, or changes to your images that require an extended amount of attention to detail and time.

Advanced work may involve the piecing back together of torn photos, reconstructing missing areas, extensive work in the facial or other significant areas of the photo, missing subject detail, removing people or objects, repair of severely faded, stained or discolored areas of the photograph and mold and water damage.

We are pleased to also offer this higher level of service to ensure you get the maximum enjoyment from your photo restoration.


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